Monday, July 3, 2017

Mid year update from Little Lead men of Valour!

Hello all,

Well time certainly does fly! I last posted back in March!

Well even though the blog was quiet, have no fear, things were still happening on the gaming front.
So this post will provide a quick (if somewhat eclectic) summary of my recent projects and I will go into more detail in subsequent posts.

In brief the following things have occupied my time:

Firstly, Romans! I have been working on a bunch of Early Imperial Romans to build up my Hail Caesar army. I have around 80 odd Romans nearly completed. When finished it will take my army up to about six infantry units. That will leave me with a box of Roman auxiliary and a box of Praetorians to clear my Roman plastic pile.

Secondly I seemed to succumb to the imagi-nations Bush Wars chatter at my local club which saw me getting in modern wargaming! and in 20mm as well!
This is clearly a crazy move on my behalf as I neither like modern gaming or 20mm.

Anyway I picked up a box of Italeri North Vietnamese soldiers which when modified slightly have painted up very well as a generic soviet backed African force for my fictious country the democratic republic of Umagunnahidabongo (or UmBongo for short).

UmBongo forever!

Finally I have spent some time completing my Super hero team for the upcoming Super System campaign starting this month at the club. Team Quasar added two new members. I rejigged the stats of the original members who performed poorly in their last outing. The campaign kicks off this Friday. I  have also made a start on a villain team for gaming at home. The figures are all Heroclix conversions.

Team Quasar unite!

On the gaming front I have mainly been playing Frostgrave and Striker! with the odd game of Sharp Practice or Chain of Command thrown in. I have also played some games of Commands and Colors Napoleonics which is also a fine game (review coming).

More Fantasy fun in frozen Felstad

Desert WW2 action with Chain of Command

Somewhere in Germany 1813.... Italians versus Russians

Striker! has really taken off at the club with at least four other club members now running teams.
The game is really quite fantastic! I have joined the development group working on the second edition.

Birmingham City take a corner kick against Manchester United in a recent Striker! game

Board game fun with Commands and Colors Napoleonics

The painting tally has been pretty poor thus far this year. I currently stand at 78 painted versus 294 purchased! Not what I originally planned for the year, but I picked up a great deal on some Perry ACW figures and some Seven Years War Austrians for Sharp Practice and of course there was the Bush Wars diversion.

I also picked a really nice MDF Dungeon set from Battlefield Accessories. This set will be perfect for Frostgrave games set underground or any other fantasy dungeon bash gaming. I have already ordered extra wall sections to expand on this start set. I'll post a more in depth review soon.

I really need to buy another soccer team for Striker! and I think I may finally give in and get some stinky Vikings for SAGA.