Monday, May 24, 2010

Little Wars Gaslight demo game photos.

Hello again,

This weekend was the annual Little Wars Wargamming show here in Melbourne. The venue was the German Tivoli club so there was some excellent beer and sausage to be had on the day. It was a great day with some great displays covering a diverse range of periods and scales.

I was running a demo game of our War of the Worlds on Mars game that I ran last year at the NWA club open day. The display proved very popular with lots of positive comments. The day before, I changed the way the Martian Tripod legs were attached to the Tripod head. The finished product is now much closer to my original designs for the Tripod.

In the afternoon we had 5 people playing a fun game and hopefully we may have some new members for the club.

Here are the photos taken on the day.

We were using the Gaslight and Battles by Gaslight Rules for our games.

The Martian Tripods with their new design legs. They look a lot meaner now!

The British and Prussian Figures are from Eureka Miniatures.
The HMLS Dauntless Landship is Scratchbuilt by me. The Flags say, " England Expects Victory!"

The British advance on the left with the Prussians on the Right. At the fore for the British was the HMES Hermes and a platoon of the Queens own Skywalkers resplendent in their Union Jack wings!

Spot the Tardis!

The Hermes into attack against the Tripods.
Prussian Gyrocopters fire Rockets at the Tripods on the right flank.

The Skywalkers fire down on the Red Martian Lancers inflicting heavy losses.

The Hermes takes a direct hit from a heat ray and comes crashing down. Miraculously Captain Henderson walks away from the carnage!

Queen Victoria (Gaud bless ah!) gets up close and personal with the Martians. Tea anyone?

Queen Victoria will cast out the green devils!

Prussian Spider (Converted GW Chaos defiler) destroyed by the heat ray.

The Tripod comes crashing down after a direct hit from the Dauntless' heavy main gun.

The Red Martians are from Parroom station. They are excellent figures.

On the day I had some time to do some shopping and I picked up some army painter primer spray cans, some more wargames factory zulus, and for something new I got some 15mm British Paras for WWII  Crossfire games that I am just getting into.

Bye for now.