Monday, April 27, 2009

Canvas Eagles campaign at NWA.

On Friday night the Canvas Eagles WWI dogfight campaign kicked off with a mass dogfight featuring 12 aircraft (6 allied vs 6 German).

Aircraft flown on the night included, Sopwith Camel, Sopwith Dolphin, Spad XIII, Fokker DVII, Fokker DR1 and Albatross DIII.

The night started well for the Germans with very quickly one british camel being seriously damaged and forced to retire and then another camel was shot up by Manfred Voss’ Dr1 and then finished off by Victor Von rumple in his Fokker DVII. His brother Manfred Von Rumple flying another DVII was badly damaged and was forced to leave the battle. As the fight progressed other aircraft joined the fray. A collision between Barker’s Camel and Von Wise’s DVII left the Fokker’s tail smashed and the plane plummeted to the ground. Charlie Barker’s plane survived the collision and made it back to allied lines securing the young pilot his first kill. We hope next time he employs more orthodox methods to destroy the enemy.

Manfred Voss found himself surrounded by Allied planes and Lt Lewis flying the lone Dolphin sent Voss’ Dr1 crashing to the ground.

The lone American pilot Lt Chuck Budwiser spent the night flying back and forth in his Spad using his speed to evade the enemy but caused the Germans little damage.

Over enthusiastic, Budwiser forgot about his fuel and had to glide back to allied lines, just making it home despite being harrassed by two Albatross. Indeed if not for the presence of Lewis’ Dolphin to draw fire, Budwiser may well have come a cropper. As it turned out he will have some explaining to do to the CO as to why his plane is stuck in a field out of gas rather than back in the hangar.

The Remaining Dolphin turned for home leaving the two German Albatross controlling the air but the day belonged to the allies.

pictures to follow shortly.