Sunday, January 18, 2009

Welcome to little lead men of valour

Hello all and welcome to my wargamming blogsite. My Name is Neil and I am a keen wargamer based in Melbourne. I am a member of Nunawading wargames Association

This blog will cover current and past wargamming projects and provide plenty of eyecandy for the wargamming fan. I will also add articles I have written on various aspects of our curious hobby including lots of how- to stuff.

Currently I am interested/playing the following games/genres:

De Bellis Antiquatatis (DBA) - Ancient & medieval wargamming.
For this I use 15mm figures. At the NWA we run a different campaign each year. Last year was the 1st Crusade, previous years we have had Fall of the Roman Republic, Samurai Age of War
and this year we are going to be playing The War of the Roses.

Hordes of the Things (HOTT) - Fantasy wargamming
A great set of rules for fantasy/sci fi gaming based on the DBA system but with some great extra troop types. I use 28mm figures (God's own scale) predominately Games Worshop figures. Despite GW's many faults they do make superb figures. Here is the NWA HOTT club page: We play a fair bit of Big Battle HOTT >36AP rather than standard HOTT.

Warhammer EPIC 40K.
One of the best games to come out of GW. I play the imperial guard and plan to do Feral orks in the future.

Canvas Eagles - World War I dogfighting
We play this great game using 1/72nd scale figures. I recently scratchbuilt a Zeppelin for our club open day.

Gaslight- Victorian Science Fiction gaming
We have just started playing this. Currently I am painting a 28mm British force using mainly Eureka Miniatures figures and scratchbuilt vehicles.

English Civil War - 28mm
This is the other main project for 2009. I plan to play it in 28mm using probably Foundry,Perry and the upcoming Warlords games plastic 28mm figures.

other games/periods I have some interest:

Warhammer 40K
Lord of the Rings
American Civil war
Napoleonic Naval 1/1200

I hope you enjoy visiting this blog.