Friday, December 23, 2011

The Fall of Chartoon.... VSF Style!

The Fall of Chartoon on the Nile 1884.

The rampaging Dervish forces under the command of the Mad Madhi aided by the nefarious forces of Malcolm X and French have attacked the small town of Chartoon. The Town was defended by a small Anglo Egyptian force consisting of two Egyptian companies, a sikh company, an Impervious suit platoon and a naval detachment from Her Majesty's Landship Dauntless.

The Dervish-French force consisted of Ansar, Arab fanatics, French foreign legion and Zouaves,a range of evil mechanical marvels from Professor Von Faustliebe and two aeronefs

The Town's defenders bravely await their fate

The Dervish Force

The French forces

Evil mechanical marvels supported by Zouaves

Steady Boys!

The Naval detachment disembarks to aid the defenders while the Dauntless gets her steam up to move to engage the enemy.

The Local inhabitants of Chartoon carried on with their daily business despite the impending attack.
Its the Mad Madhi Sale! Get it before the Madhi does!

The assault begins

The mechanical bees attack the Sikh defending the left flank. In brutal hand to hand combat the plucky Sikh destroy the mechanical bee

The Dauntless' massive main gun speaks and Dervish forces are scattered!

Unfortunately the dodgy land engines fail as the Dauntless climbs onto land. With its motor failed the big gun cannot fire!

Concentrated musket fire from the center Egyptian unit routs the front line Ansar

Strange sonic weapons blast at Chartoon's walls

Malcolm X observes the battle from his Aeronef

"No one is to stone anyone....until I blow this whistle... even if they do say Jehovah!"

The French Aeronef crosses the ramparts and its deadly swivel guns sweep away the brave Sikh

The Arab sound cannons fire again and the gate comes crashing down! The defenders situation is drastically altered with a breach in their main gate and the left flank wiped out it would only be a matter of time now

Dervishers swarm through the breach!

Evil Djinn are conjured and sweep into the town killing all before them

The town's commander Shaftsbury falls to a snipers bullet but did he survive?

As the town fell into the hands of the Madhi the Dauntless Naval detachment held off the attackers to enable the town's survivors to escap on the Dauntless.

With the strategic town of Chartoon fallen how long can Chinese Gordon keep the Mahdi's forces at bay.


The above battle report was from our last club meeting for the year. We decided to send the year out with a bang with a jolly good VSF/Gaslight mash up! Lots of fun!

The figures are mostly a mix of Eureka, Perry Brothers, Games Workshop LOTR and Old Glory with scratch built landship and aeronefs

Merry Christmas!