Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Hunting for no gooders in capital city.

My newly painted heroes took to the streets of Capital city to hunt down a suspected terrorist armed with a bomb.
Two other super teams being run by fellow club mates Brendan and James (who supplied the fantastic city terrain!) were also joining in the search but couldn't resist getting into some super hero mischief.

My super team consisting of Back Breaker, Doctor Quantum and Mindstorm move into town to check out the civvies.


Backbreaker got into a scrap with a speedster but was unsupported. He pretty soon was hurting badly after being thrown through a pet shop.


On paper my I thought my team would work well but Doctor Quantum and Mindstorm proved fairly ineffective. I think I need to rejigger their stats to give them more punch.

As it turns out Back Breaker was beaten up for no purpose as it turned out none of the civilians were the terrorist but the Super Heroes will remain vigilant and ready to combat evil doers wherever they lurk.

The game was played with the Super System rules 4th Edition.