Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Building of HMLS Dauntless

The HMLS Dauntless is my first scratchbuild attempt at a Victorian Science Fiction Landship.
I have gone for a fairly historical appearance to the vessel, based on a Colonial ironclad gunboat that would be seen patrolling the nile or yellow river. The vessel is to be used for both VSF and regular colonial gaming. In VSF mode it has a large heavy gun in a forward turret and is amphibious. For regular colonial games the forward turret can be removed to be replaced with a regular cargo hold and the wheels are removable too.

The construction was fairly straightforward. I used foam board and card for the main superstructure while the cabin and decking was made using styrene sheet. The Turret was scratchbuilt , however the machine gun and Hotchkiss quick firing gun are from Eureka Miniatures colonial range.

I have ordered a few ships components from Reviresco so I can add ships boats , anchors etc. but for now the ship is game ready. The ship is crewed by Eureka miniatures from their colonial range, however the Captain is my own conversion of the Eden Hardlove miniature from the Pax Limpopo range.


Friday, February 13, 2009

First eye candy Victorian Science Fiction!

Hello all,
Here are the first pictures of my British VSF army. I will post more pictures in the coming days including a series on the construction of the Landship HMLS Dauntless that I am just finishing off at the moment. All figures are from either Eureka miniatures Pax Limpopo or Colonial ranges in 28mm. At our wargamming club their is currently an arms race between myself playing the Brits and Tom ( Baron von Brakenstein). We are scratchbuilding steam tanks and walkers like mad. The rules we are using are Gaslight and Battles by Gaslight.

The 24th of foot lead by Lieutenant Bromhead and Colour Sargent Bourne.

The Hardlove Steam driven Impervious Suits armed with Explosive harpoons, Light Gatling gun and Galvanic Discharge Cannon!

The Light Steam Charger provides a mobile heavy Gatling Gun with armour protection from small arms fire.

The Thunderer provides important heavy support but its absence of armour makes it vulnerable if exposed to enemy fire.