Thursday, May 28, 2009

Martian Tripod is finished!

Here are some pictures of the finally finished Martian Tripod.

The Tripod approaches the small village of Woking.

The deadly Heat Ray!

The gallant defenders prepare to die for Queen and country.

Bows and Arrows against the Lightning!

The Unsympathetic Martian prepares to unleash the dreaded heat ray.

The Gallant Shaftsbury and his loyal companion confront the invader in the name of Queen Vic "Gaud Bless er!"

The last thing our gallant hero saw before oblivion!

The Tripod should be available from Eureka Miniatures in about a week.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Hammerings from the pit

Hello all,
A project that has been brewing slowly in the background over the past 6 months has been my desire to build my own War of the Worlds Martian Tripod to use in my Victorian Science Fiction games. Well finally it has reached a stage where I can show some pictures of it progress. After initial design drawings, I made masters of the hood and legs of the tripod. Moulded them in silcone and then cast copies in resin. The tripod was assembled (pin every part and glue with epoxy glue) and after clean up it was painted in a metallic green colour with glowing red windows.

Here are some pictures:

And here it is... The Fighting Machine!

The Tripod is 28mm scale and stands 34 cm high and will look quite impressive on the wargame table!
The tripod is going to be used as part of our wargames club's open day where it will be the focus of our Gaslight Victorian Science Fiction Game set on Mars.
There are still a few things to do to finish it off. I have sculpted up some tentacles which my friends at Eureka Miniatures will cast up for me in white metal (so they can be bent and posed) and I need to sculpt up the heat ray and black smoke launchers to also be cast in resin.
Afterwards these Tripods will be available for sale from Eureka Miniatures so keep watching their website for news on the Tripod's release. This is my first attempt at a commercial project and I am excited by the prospect of people all around the world getting the chance to game with my tripod design. If it takes off I hope to expand the range to include the Handling machine, crashed cylinder and of course miniature figures like Ogilvy the Astronomer.