Thursday, February 16, 2012

Avatar by Gaslight

Hello all,

My big Gaslight project for 2012 is to refight the final battle from the film Avatar but done in Gaslight/VSF style!

The battle will instead be set on Venus and the Parrotmen will take the place of the Na'vee.

The "bad guys" will be played by a strange alliance of brits and Prussians.

The game will be a public participation game at the Melbourne Little Wars day in May.

So I have gone crazy on ebay and picked up a heap of Kroot, Knarloc and greater Knarlocs to make my Na'vee parrotmen.

I also picked up some GW High Elf dragon wings, tail bits etc off ebay so I can convert some knarloc into flying Knarloc for the flying creatures in the film.

I hope to post pictures soon.