Friday, December 18, 2009

ECW - Sir Ralph Weldon Regiment of Foot

Since finishing off the last of my VSF stuff (for the time being), I have began working on my main project for 2010. English Civil War. My army will be based on Sir William Waller's Southern Association army which defeated Sir Ralph Hopton at the battle of Cheriton March 1644. The figures I plan on using are predominately the Warlord Games plastic 28mm figures however, I also plan to have a Cuirassier regiment from Renegade Miniatures and some personalities, villages etc from  Wargames Foundry.

The miniatures were base coated in black and then painted with Games Workshop colours. I applied a base coat of each colour (red was two coats, one foundation base coat followed by blood red top coat) and then used the army painter " miracle dip" technique which I had tried out on some zulus with good results.

I plan on playing some ECW skirmish games as well, so a few figures were based individually. I therefore decided to use the Games Workshop movement trays. I normally don't like movement trays but for this I will make an exception :)

So here is the first completed regiment... Sir Ralph Weldon's Regiment of foot.

Here is the command stand. I think I will buy some more command stands and paint them up with red sashes instead of orange so I can quickly convert these Parliament chaps into Royalist scum :)

Next up, another regiment of foot, this time with green coats.