Saturday, January 3, 2015

A resolution for the New Year.

Following on from fellow club members James Wright's and Brendan Day's painting tally (painted versus purchased) for last year I decided to do an accurate stocktake of how far I am in the red. It is probably a bad idea to actually work out the size of the lead mountain but in the words of Sun Tzu "Know your enemy!"

I counted all the minis and vehicles that are waiting to be painted, undercoated or part painted for gaming periods that I am actively pursuing. Some projects are on indefinite hiatus ( the "couldn't be arsed" group) so I don't count them.

If I stick to my "No new period/game" mantra for this year I should be able to knock a fair amount of this off the list. I do expect to purchase the odd thing or two to complete these projects like e.g. Some armour for 28mm North Africa Chain of Command or ECW mortar and petard team.

Of course this doesn't include the terrain projects that are planned for this year including:
Victorian London buildings for EOTD/IHMN
WWII 15mm buildings for Crossfire/CoC
Some more ECW buildings
North Africa terrain for CoC.

So here is the list:
Pirates 18
ECW 76
Russian Napoleonics 88
Blood Bowl 19
Superheroes 5
Seven Years War 245
Mars Attacks 60
Afrika Corps 38

15mm & misc.

WWII infantry 65
WWII vehicles 55
Star Trek ships 22.

So a grand total of:
572 28mm , 142 15mm & misc.

Let the painting begin!