Thursday, October 14, 2010

Consumer Warning!!!

Hello all,

On the Yahoo Crossfire group recently a member posted a notice letting members know that the crossfire rulebooks were available from I have been wanting to get a copy of crossfire for ages.

After this was posted, I visited the website and ordered both the rule book and

hit the dirt scenario book. That was 29th of August.

I have not received these goods yet. The supplier (His name is Baxter)ignored my

emails and happily charged my credit card.

After a couple of emails I finally got an excuse claiming the shipment

disappeared. I was then told it would be shipped next day using a courier to

track it. That was back on the 30th of September and again no delivery and

ignoring my emails again.

I am now demanding a refund.

I strongly suggest you do not purchase from this guy. He is either not to be

trusted or incompetent or both.