Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Night Owl makes an appearance

Hello all,

This latest ECW update features my command stand  for my Parliament Army. My army is based on William Waller's Army of the Southern Association and the stand features the "Night Owl" himself.
William Waller was nicknamed the Night Owl because of his propensity for night marches.

The Waller figure is from Wargames Foundry. He is mounted on a Warlord Games horse. The Standard Bearer and Herald are both Warlord Games.

The figures were painted in acrylics and then dipped with the army painter dip. They are mounted on a coaster with a textured and flocked base. I have added a few of the army painter tufts and I came across a great new scenic product. The flowers are terrific and really add something special to the basing.

The flowers are a product called Green Line from a company called Fredericus Rex.

One of Waller's Captains despatches a Royalist Seargent. This is a special one off figure from Eureka Miniatures(that I had to have :) ). I am not sure if it is on the Eureka Website. Best to send an email to Nic at Eureka to confirm its for sale.

I still have one more foot regiment to paint and three troops of horse so I must get back to the painting table.

Happy Gaming!