Wednesday, December 21, 2016

And so it begins.....Frostgrave campaign

After several practice games we have finally kicked off our Frostgrave campaign at the club.

To familiarize players with the rules we have mainly concentrated on the scenarios for the main rulebook and have not used any rules from the expansion books.

I still need to make one or two terrain pieces to complete the necessary scenario specific items from the main book. Luckily fellow club mate Brendan took on the challenge of making the library scenario (of which he has done a stirling job) so that is one less thing on the "to do" list.

My first game I ran a Summoner warband but the game was a complete disaster. My warband was virtually wiped out by one very stubborn ghoul. I recovered no treasure and my wizard received a permanent injury to boot!  I decided that it would be better to scrap the warband and start again from scratch. This time I decided on an Enchanter warband and he has faired much better. In the next couple of games I still haven't managed a victory, but I have been able to collect some treasure, level up my wizard and progress slowly. Some of the other players wizards are advancing quite rapidly.

I may have to look online for rules about how to deal with the issue of games involving wizards with high levels playing lower level wizards. Some handicapping may be required so new players can join in the campaign.

As of last Friday's meeting we now have around ten active players in the game. It looks like Frostgrave will still be quite popular next year!

Below are some pictures of the first couple of games. I'll post another update in the New Year to let you know how the campaign is going.

My Summoner wizard about to be mauled by that damn ghoul!


A treasure hunter secures some treasure. (A converted Eureka miniatures conquistador figure)


Two warbands getting stuck into each other during the living museum scenario


A brave (or foolish) thug goes toe to toe against a giant worm!



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    1. Well spotted James. James our resident Super Hero maestro is running a Guardians of the Galaxy Frostgrave warband! Groot is a large construct! Rocket is an archer. I think Drax is a treasure hunter.