Sunday, January 8, 2017

2016 final painting totals and my top five games of the year.

Happy New Year fellow gamers!

Before I kick off the new gaming and hobby year I would have a final look back on 2016. I covered most things in my previous post so this is just a postscript to my first post.

Painting and purchasing totals for 2016: My final total of painted 28mm figures for the year was 267. 98 short of my target but a good total.
Purchases left me in the red with a total of 391. I received a box of Perry ACW Union infantry as a Christmas present.

For 2017 I am aiming for 365 painted and I want to keep my purchases to a minimum and reduce the lead and plastic pile.

Finally following on from the Meeples and Miniatures podcast where they listed their top five games for 2016, here is my list:

Number 5: Sharp Practice 2 by the Two Fat Lardies.
A terrific set of rules and definitely will feature very prominently in my 2017 gaming. I will be producing armies for Napoleonics, Seven Years War and American Civil War.


Number 4: Black Powder: Pike and Shotte by Warlord games.
A perennial favourite. I play at least half a dozen games a year and the rules are solid and allow for really big games.


Number 3: Chain of Command by Two Fat Lardies.
A brilliant set of rules. The Lardies really know how to write a god ruleset. I definitely need to play more of this in 2017.


Number 2: Lion Rampant by Osprey Games.
A real fun "big skirmish" medieval ruleset which scratches the medieval itch. I will be playing more of this in 2017 along with its fantasy version Dragon Rampant.

Finally my number one is ....

Number 1: Frostgrave by Osprey Games.
Was there really any doubt? A great fun game that gives me a great nostalgia kick back to the eighties and my D&D halcyon days.
We will be working our way through the expansions as we continue our campaign.


Honourable mention: Super System 4th edition by Four Colour Studios.
Only managed one game this year but the rule set is a lot of fun and allows for creating your own superheroes. Gameplay is quick and really captures the genre perfectly. Another one to watch for 2017.


So that's my list for 2016.

Besides my usual painting targets and playing wargames in 2017 one of my New Year Resolutions is to play more boardgames.
I have a few games sitting on the shelf plus a couple more on the way from recent Kickstarters so I will be posting more on boardgame reviews in 2017.

Happy New Year!

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