Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Little Wars 2014 part two

Back again :) trying to keep the momentum going for my blog.

Okay Little Wars is the big wargaming event for the year and deserves another post with lots of pictures of the different games on show. We had a great range of games on show from steampunk goodness with In Her Majesties Name and Dystopian wars, pulp Back of Beyond games, WWWII with Secrets of the Third Reich, X-Wing , Warhammer Fantasy plus plenty of historical games with Napoleonics, French and Indian Wars, World War II and Vietnam and Modern Africa.

So why am I still talking you ask? Bring on the pictures!

Dystopian Wars

In Her Majesties Name

I do like the cobblestone play mats.

The battle of Ulsan - Russo-Japanese war naval


Vietnam - Flames of War

Warhammer fantasy

Back of Beyond Pulp gaming

Secrets of the Third Reich

There was so much going on with this table. Plenty of action organised by fellow NWA'ers James Wright and Brendan Day.

I mean who doesn't love a spider tank?

More to come tomorrow!


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  1. Good stuff Neil, one day I will get down to Melbourne to see this. Loved the look of your WWI zeppelin shoot 'em up too. Thanks for the posts.