Sunday, October 5, 2014

NWA's Open Day - part three!

Hello all,

This is the second last post covering our club's open day from August. Life seemed to get in the way last month but I am back with a vengeance this month with several things to post about.

The last area to cover from the open day was the World War II section. I have already covered my own display game of the battle of Arnhem but there were three other WWII games on show including two Battle of The Bulge games. Both Bulge games used Flames of War. The first game was a historical refight of Pieper's charge. The other games was a replay of the climatic battles of the Hollywood film Battle of The Bulge complete with US Patton tanks playing the role of the German Tigers!
The film had Telly Sevalas' Chaffee with missing Turret and also featured a helicopter film crew to film all the unhistorical goodness!

So on to the pictures!

Pieper's Charge!

A Thunderbolt spies some tempting targets!

The US infantry dug in defenders

Panthers lead the way.

Panthers break through!

The Hollywood version

Massed tank battles

German "Tigers"

Henry Fonda's scout plane.

The Film Crew

The Fuel dump

The Tiger's last grasp to reach their objective!

This game was very well planned and really captured the unhistorical glory of a rather bad war film.
It justly won best display for this year's open day.

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