Monday, August 25, 2014

NWA's Open Day! - part two

Here is the next instalment of wargaming goodness from this month's annual Open Day.
So without further ado, on with the photos!

Horse and musket time. We had a selection of excellent games covering the usual major periods of horse and musket warfare with a Seven Years War battle between Prussians and a combined Austrian-Russian force using the Might and Reason wargame rules, a Napoleonic battle again featuring some lovely Russians versus French using a club variant on Empire called Cold Steel and lastly a 15mm ACW battle using Regimental Fire & Fury with an interesting teddy bear fur terrain mat. I think this looks quite interesting but maybe more suited to 28mm gaming because of the length of the fur. It certainly is handy for a quick set up!

Napoleonics ( I apologise for some of the lighting but the day was quite overcast and the hall lighting is problematic)

Seven Years War. Miniatures are a mix of Front Rank and Wargames Foundry

American Civil War. Miniatures are a mix of AB and Blue Moon

Stay tuned for the final post in this series.


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  1. Beautiful pictures and minis (love the grenadiers!)...thanks for sharing!