Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The wargamer's curse returns; yet another period and scale

Oh no I've gone and done it again. I couldn't help it. Those terrible brothers Perry seduced me with their sculpting magic. This time it was their delightful Eigth Army desert rats.

I already play World War II in 15mm using the Crossfire Rules by Arty Concliffe (with some additional house rules) but that is exclusively late war North East Europe so I can make the argument that since this is actually North Africa I am not playing the same period in another scale. Why that would surely be folly! (I won't mention how much I am tempted by Bolt action Late war Brits for NE Europe!)

The figures themselves are terrific. They go together well and offer enough variation to make a truly personal army which is unique to me, a necessary requirement in skirmish or squad level gaming IMO.
You get enough men in one box to field a fully equipped platoon but I spent some extra cash on a Vickers MMG and 3" mortar to give my guys some added firepower. I also bought the backpacks as the guys seemed a bit under dressed to me.

Lastly I picked up a Vickers light tank but I need to order some decals before painting that.

I also have a box of Afrika Corps but I will hold off painting them for the moment as some unfinished Napoleonic Russians (Oh I haven't told you about them have I?) require my attention, but another member at the club is already painting his own Afrika Corps platoon so we hopefully will be able to play a game of Chain of Command soon.

So here are the stout hearted Brits ( or Aussies) for your enjoyment.

The platoon arrayed.

The first section

The second section

The third section.

2" mortar team

Boyes anti tank team

The command section of the platoon including Lieutenant and platoon Sargent with radio operator and medical orderly. The medical orderly was a simple conversion of the radio operator figure by modifying an arm to hold the stretcher which was made from stretched plastic sprue and tissue paper. Green stuff putty filled the gaps and made the medical arm band.

Vickers MMG team to give the platoon some extra firepower.

The 3" mortar team and forward observer for the mortar or off table artillery.

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