Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Get your Damn hands off me you damn dirty ape!

Here is my ape gang for Judge Dredd, Super system or any other type of scifi/pulpy skirmish game.
The figures are from Eureka miniatures (www.eurekamin.com.au) and I have been eyeing these off ever since I saw them. They also have a great Gorilla with a recoiless rifle which I want to get as well as a bunch of gun toting gibbons.

My back story for this gang in Judge Dredd is that they were a group of janitors at a military installation when they revolted, stole a large cache of military hardware and disappeared into the bowels of Mega City One.

Their first couple of games of JD have seen them comprehensively whup a team of judges and plod bots. The chimps have got speed, they're agile, and they are packing some serious hardware. The ape with the M60 is a standout picking off targets if he can get into a good vantage point.


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