Wednesday, January 20, 2010

First Project for 2010 - Bloodbowl!!

Happy New Year everyone!

Well the Xmas holidays are drawing to a close and the wargamming year is only a week away. At my local club this year we are having a Bloodbowl league. My son was keen to take part so before Christmas I bought an orc team for him off ebay. I too caught the BB bug and also purchased a goblin team off ebay.

I wanted to paint these teams quickly as I wanted to get back to my main project for the year English Civil War, so it was a simple paint job followed by the armypainter quickshade. I am becoming quite addicted to this technique, as I am getting things painted to a very good standard in half the time of my normal painting style.

I have had a copy of blood bowl since the first edition with the grey polystyrene foam board. However I expect my son to be a bit rougher in his play, so I decided to make a wooden board for him.

The board was made from 12mm MDF board. I used a saw to cut the squares out and then covered the wood in sand. It was then painted black, and then drybrushed with bestial brown and then bleached bone. Flock was added for the grass and then I masked the different line markings and sprayed them with skull white. For added flavour I made some advertising boards with some famous products given the Bloodbowl twist. I downloaded these off bloodbowl internet sites.

Here are the pictures of the board and the orc and goblin teams.

The Greenfilth Packers (Goblin)

The custom bloodbowl board!

The Waaghington greenskins!

So that finishes the bloodbowl project just in time for the start of the season. I have promised my younger son a Skaven team so that will probably get squeezed in between ECW units.

Bye for now!



  1. A very nice pitch indeed . . . and good-looking teams . . . however I do look forward to more ECW units.

    -- Jeff

  2. I always loved BB! Good job with the board too! Wait until he sees some of the grand stands some people have made in the past ;) I am sure he'll want you to do some. I also look forward to the ECW.

  3. Hey Neil,
    Great work on the pitch, it looks Ace! I really wanna see it at the next club meet, okay!

  4. This is more than likely a stupid question but did you cut the pieces of MDF into individual squares then base them on someting else to make the grid;or did the whole pitch come as a single piece of 12mm mdf cut to size and the squares were scribed on by using a saw.
    Thank you