Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Avatar by Gaslight - Tarok Knarloc conversion WIP

I have started work on my Greater Knarloc conversion to make the Tarok.

The Tarok was the massive flying creature that Jake Sully flies in the climatic battle of the film Avatar.

For the conversion I am taking a Forge World Greater Knarloc and adding a tail and some wings from the GW High Elf Dragon kit.

Here are some initial work in progress shots. The wings and tail were pinned with aluminium sculpture wire and then I use some Knead it (plumber's epoxy putty) which cures in around 10-15 mins to a rock hard finish to set the tail and wings in place. I will then use green stuff to sculpt up the details.

I'll use a dremel to remove the scales from the tail and wings as the flying creatures in Avatar did not have scales.

I'll post some more WIP when I have sculpted the green stuff.



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  1. Looks excellent, Neil. What ruleset are you looking at using for Littlewars? Is it okay if we use some of the pics for a game description on the Littlewars melbourne website/blog?