Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year's gaming resolutions 2012

Happy New Year!

Another year has passed and after the hang over's and ringing ears have passed it is time to look ahead to the coming wargamming year.

Looking back on 2011 I have largely stayed true to my initial plans. I have finally painted enough English Civil War stuff to start playing some games. I also continued painting my World War II 15mm crossfire armies.

The only slight digression from my plans was the pirates. I have so far painted up one team of pirates but I have a couple more crews planned and I need to scratch build a couple of ships.

The War of the Roses 15mm Field of Glory army never appeared. I have bought the figures, but I am really not interested in painting up a whole FOG army in 15mm. The more I think about War of the Roses I want to do it in 28mm (with the fantastic Perry plastics).  In fact the trend towards "God's own scale" 28mm figures continues with only DBA and WWII Crossfire keeping me interested in the 15mm scale.

So what am I planning for the New Year.

English Civil War: I will continue to build up my forces and start painting some Government Scots. We have a mind to do a display of the storming of Bristol at our club open day in August of this year. For the display I will need to scratch build some terrain, forts, town walls etc. and more buildings

Colonial - Sudan: I had planned to do the Zulu war and still want to do it, especially given the release of the great Warlord games plastic zulus and brits and the stunning Rorkes Drift building set. However I seem to have fallen into the Sudan period. It started with a fellow club member making an Arab Gaslight army. I decided to make up North African buildings so we could include the Arabs in our games. I picked up a copy of Khartoum on DVD and before I knew it, I was painting up Egyptian soldiers for the Sudan. My fellow gamer and usual ECW opponent Tom, has decided to join me on this mad venture and has started painting up Mahdists. We will no doubt both end up doing Mahdists to get them done quicker.

Gaslight: I have offered to run a Gaslight game at this year's Little Wars convention in May and I have decided on the theme "Avatar 1884". The game will be loosely based on the climatic battle scene of the film Avatar but set on Venus and the Narvee will be blue skinned Venusian Parrotment aka GW Kroot. I will need to do some more terrain building for this one and paint up some Kroot but otherwise I have enough Brits painted up.

World War II Crossfire: I really enjoy this game and will spend this year building up my forces to play larger games.

Pirates: Arrrrggghhh!!! Not a very big project since I need only paint up about 30 figures and scratchbuild a couple of ships. That's the plan, however pirates are infectious and I could get carried away.

So that's the plan for the coming year. Consolidating my efforts of 2011 with only the Sudan being the new period. The only spanner in the works could be Russian Napoleonics since it is the 200th anniversary of the 1812 campaign. We will see

Happy gaming!

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  1. A Happy New Year to you, sir. And, Neil, just so that you know, I've often played GASLIGHT as a straight Colonial game (ignoring all of the VSF elements) and it works quite well . . . although I found the top "Heroes" a bit too much so I dropped them down a level and it gamed fine.

    -- Jeff