Monday, November 14, 2011

Tharrr be pirates! Arrrrrr!

Okay! Okay!  I know I said that I would concentrate on only a few periods this year to maximise my painting efforts but my strong resolve that has held for 11 months of the year has finally been broken.

It all started with International talk like a pirate day. A bunch of guys at the club dusted off their pirates and started playing legends of the high seas and well its kind of taken off at the club with more than a dozen players putting together their pirate bands.

So like a lemming I have finally succumb and rushed off the cliff.

So here they are my band of sea faring ruffians....

The figures for my crew are a mix of Eureka miniatures and Old Glory.

My Captain in the yellow jacket!

I had my first couple of games on the weekend and being a novice predictably, they had their butts kicked in both games, but the crew are slowly acquiring more skills so hopefully they will give a better account for themselves next game.

In my last game my Captain was captured, so the next game will involve a prison break out.
Legends of the High Seas is a lot of fun and I am also looking forward to using these rules to play English Civil War skirmish games.



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  1. Pirates are so fun and have so diverse potential!
    They can meet Spaniards, Brits, cannibals, feral goats, krakens, Atlanteans (entrance to their (Pellucidar-like' underground world in a volcanic 'mysterious island'; or turned amphibious, or merely living in submerged domes), King Kong, dinosaurs (and cave girls in fur bikini), zombies, 'Deep Ones', Dagon Cultists if not Great Cthulhu itself... They can enter an area where 'the sea and the sky were… weird' and reappeared a thousand miles away.

    And 'pirettes' with a generous cleavage are a great addition to any gaming board.