Sunday, February 27, 2011

New Year's Resolutions

Hello all and welcome to the wargamming year of 2011!

As I suppose you all did, I sat down at the start of 2011 and thought about my gaming plans for 2011.
So many periods to play, so little time to paint is the continual dilemma of the wargamer. As with all things, it is a case of setting priorities for the year and with hand on heart and the best of intentions I set out my objectives for the coming year.

2010 was a period of good progress in several areas. I entered a whole new period for me i.e. WWII with Crossfire in 15mm, painting up a company of late war germans and Brit paras. I finally finished my tripod and martian designs to have the models released commercially through Eureka miniatures. I finished my British Gaslight VSF forces and did a lot of scratchbuilding 28mm terrain including european buildings for ECW, North African buildings for VSF/Sudan and other bits and pieces.

I also entered the gaming business with my own wargamming business Ozbattler selling Old Glory miniatures in Australia. Other bits and pieces included WWI and WWII planes for our dogfight games and the slow process of painting up English Civil War regiments and convincing other club members to take up the period in "God's own scale" 28mm.

So for 2011 my main focus will be:  

English Civil War: Finally I have enough forces to take the field of battle! What's  more I actually have an opponent as well! Expect the first battle report shortly :) I still have a another regiment of foot, a cannon and three troops of horse to paint but that will complete my starter Parliament army (William Waller's Southern Association).

Zulu War: I am planning a display game for our club's open day featuring the battle of Rourke's Drift during the Zulu War of 1879. I need to paint up 270 more zulus and about 80 Brits. I will be using a mix of Wargames factory and Empress minatures for the game and I need to scratchbuild all the terrain and buildings. It is a lot of work but I am looking forward to it. I am also going to try another rule set " Washing of the Spears" by David Bickley where all the players take on the Brits while the Zulus are controlled by a movement generator.

War of the Roses: I have finally given in to my fellow club members and succumb to the scourge that is Field of Glory! Our club has actually got organised where we are planning our armies with the view to play historical games (amazing!!). WOTR is a popular period for all, so it is the first period that we will focus on.
So over Christmas I coughed up the money and bought the first figures for my starter 600 point WOTR army based on Henry Tudor's army at Bosworth ( I am Welsh after all!) 15mm Musuem figures.

World War II: I will build on my progress from last year and start adding some armour and antitank guns etc to our games. I may also paint a Russian Company. I also need to make more 15mm terrain.

So that is my priorities for 2011. Of course I may get distracted with the odd WWI or WWII plane, maybe some bits and pieces for Gaslight but I am determined to stick to this plan for the year.

We will see how I go!

Happy Gaming!

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