Friday, March 12, 2010

Secret Photos revealed- Captured Martian!

The London Times. March 12th 1885.

Recent photos have now been released from those terrible events caused by the Martian invasion of southern england last year. While our defensive efforts around Woking proved unable to halt the Martian advance on London. Further north a crashed cylinder was able to be surrounded by a detachment of the 24th regiment of foot lead by Lt Bromhead and assisted by Colonel Shaftsbury. It appears this cylinder may have landed off course, since it did not come down in the usual " tri pattern"  observed elsewhere in England.

When the Martians emerged from their cylinder the 24th lead a gallant charge into the pit where they were able to quickly kill the surprised Martians.

One Martian was able to climb out of the pit and try to escape, but it was surrounded by the 24th and captured. The following photographs provide the only examples of a live Martian to date.

This photo shows clearly the tympanic organ that acts as a primitive ear. More suited to the thin atmosphere of Mars as suggested by astromoners. The bayonet wielding soldier in picture is Lance Corporal Jack Jones of the 24th foot. Afterwards  he was heard to say that the Martians "Don't like it up em! sir"

The Captured Martian was held in captivity for several days but eventually like its brethen succumbed to disease and died. Its body has been preserved and is now on display at the national museum.

This model is the finished "green" master that will form part of my Martian range of models and miniatures.
The body will be cast in resin with white metal tentacles that can be bent and posed. The model will be available through Eureka miniatures soon.

Cheers Neil.


  1. Neil,

    That is one cool looking model. Very nice, sir.

    -- Jeff

  2. Beauty Martian!

    Be sure to let Dances With Words on TMP know. He loves all things tentacled, you know. Bit of a fetish for him. Kind of disturbing, actually...

  3. Nice! I think this would work well for overlord models for when the navy walked!

  4. Excellent sculpting, sir! It's a hideous little beasty, and just what I envisage Well's Martians to look like.

  5. Maybe the martian was looking for some Cialis Online in order to be able to reproduce with any human female. Funny post my friend.