Tuesday, November 3, 2009

October WWI dogfight

Here are some pictures of our October game for our WWI Canvas Eagles campaign. 6 players took part flying Camels, DR1 and DVII with the night's honours going well and truly to the Germans winning 3:1

The highlight of the night was a mid air collision between a Camel (flown by me) and a DVII. The DVII player drew his first red damage chit and scored a "fuel tank hit, plane explodes". I put the chit back in the box and gave it a good shake and then pulled out my first chit. It was the same result! Both planes exploded in a flash of flame and littered confetti down over no mans land!

I am really not having much luck lately with my last three games ending with me getting killed!

For this game we tried clouds for the first time. Clouds add a nice terrain element to the games and made the games more interesting. We have enough players now that have played several games so we now can have tailing and clouds to really make great exciting games.

After the game I took some of the photos and photoshoped them to make some nice pictures.






  1. Looks fantastic. How did you do the clouds?
    Maybe it's the system, but to me, the hex board looks very small for six planes...

  2. Very nice, sir. And the photoshoped images look great.

    -- Jeff

  3. I love the colors of the planes. What rules are you using? Very nice pictures and great work on the photoshop!

  4. I'm using canvas eagles rules. They are free to download here: