Thursday, September 3, 2009

Canvas Eagles dogfight latest.

Hello all,

Here are some pictures of the last game played in our NWA Canvas Eagles campaign. The game was a Fighter sweep mission with three Germans ( Fokker DR1, Fokker DVII, and Roland CII two seater) versus 3 Brit Sopwith Camels.

The game was quite bizarre. The British had an early set back with the first Sopwith Camel shot down by the Roland on turn 4. I was flying a camel and suffered some nasty damage in two separate head on encounters with the Dr1 and DVII. I tried to make a run for home but my son flying the DVII chased me down and put me into the dirt. 2 down for the Brits.

At the same time as I was shot down the Fokker Dr1 and Roland had a mid air collision in their eagerness to shoot down the last camel.The Roland survived but the Dr1 fell apart and crashed to the ground.My son in the DVII was flying back to his own line being very low on fuel but managed to get a burst off at the last remaining camel sending it into a spin from high altitude from which it never recovered.

With the British wiped out the Roland limped home. My son flying the DVII and out of fuel, fell one hex short of making it back to his own lines and crash landed in no mans land suffering a minor injury.Unfortunately for him he was taken prisoner! So out of the 6 players on the night 4 were dead and 1 POW!!

My son is leading the campaign with 4 kills, but his plans to become the first ace of the campaign has been dealt a savage blow as he faces a long stretch in a English POW camp hoping for a prisoner exchange.

The game was a lot of fun.


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